Kyudo is the Japanese Martial Art of Archery.

The art focuses on physical, moral, and spiritual development, not just the ability to hit a target

The archer aims to achieve what is called in Japanese Seisha Seiche 

"correct shooting is correct hitting"

Kyudo archers use a modern Carbon or traditional Bamboo bow, its handle is asymmetrical at 1/3 up its full length which makes it look very different to modern competition bows. There are two types of Kyudo target

  1. Makiwara - A bundle of straw shot at 2m, used to work on technique
  2. Mato - a 36cm diameter target shot at 28cm

A perfect shot in kyudo is not only accurate but dignified and aesthetically excellent. Precise execution makes this form of archery more like a form of meditation.

Kyudo is a challenge that never stops, never ends!