Kyudo is the Japanese Martial art of traditional archery, where the Japanese style bow, arrows, uniform and equipment are used. 

Kyudo is a form of barebow archery as there are no sights and other mechanical devises on the bow. Practitioners are taught to hit the target by relying on shooting with the correct body form and technique, making this a pure form of archery. 

What makes Kyudo unique is that there are two aspects.


There is the sporting aspect where competition and hitting the target has its importance and the Martial art aspect where there is great emphasis on discipline, respect, etiquette and good sportsmanship.

In Kyudo the bow is not only seen as a weapon where hitting a target for sport is important but a tool to assist in building character.

Kyudo Principals

Truth (Shin)

Practitioners constantly strive for pure and right-minded shooting. This requires a pure mind and heart, Sei sha hitchu (A true shot never misses) can be seen as a metaphor for the principle of truth in kyudo.

Goodness (Zen)

In the practice of kyudo we strive for such qualities as courtesy, compassion and non-aggression. We seek to display these qualities in all situations, even outside our kyudo practice. Rei, our rules for etiquette surrounding our training and forms, help us to show common courtesy and respect for others, and is an essential element in kyudo practice.

Beauty (Bi)

We constantly try to strive for an aesthetic awareness in everything we do. The archers attire, look and shape of the equipment used and a simple sense of order are all part of this aesthetic. Furthermore, it is said that if we surrender to the ancient kyudo principles of practice (Shaho), our true nature will be allowed to emerge by removing our own ego and all other negative aspects of the human condition. 

 "Polish your mind and cut your own ego for this is a challenge that never stops, never ends"